As a professional community education institution, the school is based on the safety of its students in their courses and classrooms structure, so that students can study in a good environment. Furthermore, the school has spared no effort in improving the quality of teaching to ensure that students can achieve success in secondary schools and apply their knowledge in real life to achieve the effect of " learning and using" .


The school offers four rooms of approximately 500 square feet each . Rooms 1-3 are separated by a shutter. If necessary, three rooms can be connected, with a total area of 1,500 square feet, which can accommodate up to 200 people.

Professional equipment and use

The four rooms are equipped with projectors , computers , wired and wireless microphones and speakers, and are dedicated to providing a complete teaching package. In addition to teaching, rooms can be used for lectures , sharing sessions, and even for indoor activities for parents or students.

Room 1

Room 1-1.jpg
Room 1.jpg

Area (square feet): 550

Seating Capacity: 50-60


Room 2

Room 2.jpg
Room 2-1.jpg

Area (square feet): 610

Seating Capacity: 50-60


Room 3

Room 3.jpg
Room 3-1.jpg

Area (square feet): 400

Seating Capacity: 30


Room A

Room A.jpg

Area (square feet): 460

Seating Capacity: 50


Cooking room

The school offers two cooking rooms of approximately 500 square feet each and is equipped with several state-of-the-art kitchenware. In order to increase the indoor space, the two rooms are separated by a shutter, which can be connected to a kitchen for 20 people if needed . In addition, in response to the concept of smokeless and carbon-free, the school deliberately installed a variety of electromagnetic kitchen utensils, and implemented a variety of emergency safety measures in accordance with the fire regulations, so that students can enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a safe environment.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1_edited.jpg

Area (square feet): 600


Kitchen 2

kitchen 2.jpg

Area (square feet): 420

Professional equipment and use

In addition to general kitchen utensils, the cooking room is equipped with wired and wireless microphones, speakers , induction cooker , electric oven and coffee machine. In order to create a clean and tidy cooking environment, the school regularly cleans and monitors the equipment to avoid danger to the trainer due to rust or short circuit. In addition to cooking, the classroom can be used as a food display for cooking and filming, so that the food can be set off in a stylish and simple environment.

coffee machine.jpg

Coffee Machine          

Amount: 1     

electric induction stove.jpg

Electric Induction Stove

Amount: 8



Amount: 9

Computer room

The school offers a well-equipped computer room. In order to take into account the needs of the students, the computer room has specially installed all necessary software and teaching packages to enable students to be " easy to learn and easy to use " .

Professional equipment and use

The computer room is equipped with 30 regularly updated computers and electronic software of different professions, such as Photoshop CC , to enable students to access a variety of practical computer functions.The classroom is equipped with a projector,  wired and wireless microphones and speakers to enable the trainees to clearly understand the instructor's teaching progress. In order to ensure that students can apply what they have learned, the school will try its best to enable each person to enjoy a computer. In addition to being able to follow the instructions of the instructors, they can also practice in difficult places so that they can thoroughly understand the teaching of the instructors. In addition to e-learning, the computer room is a great place for professional study and sharing sessions. It is believed that in the complete and new electronic equipment and environment, teachers and students will be able to increase communication with each other.

computer room.jpg

Area (square feet): 530

Seating Capacity: 29

Price List

The school is equipped with a full range of teaching and activity equipment to suit a variety of activities.
For enquiries, please contact us at 3155 2688.
In order to take into account the safety principles, activities outside the course content of the school must be carried out with the consent of the school. 

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