Family Education Course

Service Target

We provide service to the following individuals:

1. Youth

2. Pre-marriage

3. Married person

4. Prospective parents

5. Parents


Service Goal

We aim to strengthen family relationships through educational activities, enable family members to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in the family, and strengthen family relationships.


Service Details

  • Personal education: understanding the basic needs, growth, and behavior of individuals, such as the physical, social, and psychological characteristics of each stage

  • Parenting Education: enhancing parental functions

  • Child-education: enhancing the child's duty

  • Gender education: sex education and sexual responsibilities, such as gender differences, attitudes towards sexuality, fertility issues and family planning

  • Marriage education: promoting husband and wife relationship

  • Family Resources and Management Education: housekeeping and health education, for example: setting household income and expenditure budgets, home safety and mental health



For inquiry please WhatsApp: +852 5561 0543 / call +852 3155 2688



For inquiry please WhatsApp: +852 5561 0543 / call +852 3155 2688


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