Domestic Violence Prevention Service

Service Target

We provide service to children, individuals and their families who are affected by the following issues:

1. Child abuse

Children who are physically abused, sexually assaulted, neglected or mentally abused

2. Intimate partner violence

A partner who is subjected to physical, mental or sexual violence

3. Abuse of the elderly

Elderly who are physically, mentally abused, misappropriate and negligently cared for, abandoned or sexually abused

4. Other family members violence, such as violence between children


Service Goal

The Domestic Violence Prevention Service aims to prevent domestic violence incidents, identify early support families and resolve domestic violence. In addition, we hope to provide the abused people with physical and mental counseling and offer them an effective treatment service to overcome the trauma.


Service Details

  • Consulting services: accept domestic violence cases and inquiries

  • Outreach: conduct preliminary assessment to provide immediate crisis intervention, counseling and guidance

  • Investigation services: Investigate family background and personal traits, understand the situation and difficulties of the victims, and the opinions of their families to achieve effective intervention

  • Case follow-up: provision of counselling services, psychological services, legal services, schooling and employment arrangements, and other follow-up services

  • Preventive activities: Promote community education and awareness campaigns



For inquiry please WhatsApp: +852 5561 0543 / call +852 3155 2688



For inquiry please WhatsApp: +852 5561 0543 / call +852 3155 2688


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